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www.uniben.edu.ng Student Portal Login 2024/2025 | University of Benin Student Registration Portal



Are you a student at the prestigious University of Benin (UNIBEN), Nigeria, looking to streamline your academic journey with the help of modern technology? Look no further! UNIBEN’s Student Registration Portal is your gateway to a seamless educational experience, offering a plethora of services at your fingertips. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of accessing and utilizing this invaluable tool.

Accessing the Portal:

Navigating the UNIBEN Student Registration Portal is as easy as pie. Simply head over to the official University website at www.uniben.edu.ng. Once there, locate and click on the “Student Portal” tab, which will direct you to the portal’s login page.

Logging In: 

To gain entry into the portal, you’ll need two key pieces of information: your Matriculation Number and Password. Your Matriculation Number serves as your unique identifier, bestowed upon you upon admission to UNIBEN. The Password, meanwhile, acts as a safeguard for your academic records. Enter these credentials, and voila! You’re in.

Unlocking a World of Services

Once inside, a plethora of services awaits you. From checking admission lists to updating your bio-data, from paying school fees to registering for courses, the portal has you covered. Need to reprint a course form or access your academic records? It’s all just a few clicks away. Plus, stay informed about academic programs, deadlines, and campus events, all from the comfort of your own device.

The Convenience Factor: Anytime, Anywhere Access

One of the portal’s most significant advantages is its convenience. Say goodbye to long queues and tedious paperwork; with the UNIBEN Student Registration Portal, essential information is just a few taps away. Whether you’re a commuter student or juggling a busy schedule, the portal empowers you to stay connected with your academic journey from anywhere, at any time.

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In a world where technology reigns supreme, UNIBEN stands at the forefront of educational innovation with its Student Registration Portal. By leveraging the power of digital tools, the University ensures that students can navigate their academic endeavors with ease and efficiency. So why wait? Dive into the portal today and unlock a world of possibilities!


1. How do I retrieve my Matriculation Number if I’ve forgotten it?

If you’ve misplaced or forgotten your Matriculation Number, fret not! Simply reach out to the University’s administrative offices or the Registrar’s office for assistance. They’ll help you retrieve your unique identifier in no time.

2. What should I do if I encounter login issues with the portal?

If you’re experiencing difficulties logging into the portal, double-check that you’re entering your Matriculation Number and Password correctly. If the issue persists, reach out to the University’s IT support team for further assistance.

3. Can I access the portal from my mobile device?

Absolutely! The UNIBEN Student Registration Portal is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing you to access its features from your smartphone or tablet with ease. Simply open your preferred web browser and navigate to the portal as you would on a desktop or laptop computer

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