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SSU School Fees 2024/2025 Academic Session | Sokoto State University School Fees



Are you gearing up for another exciting academic year at Sokoto State University? Well, hold on to your seats because the school management has just announced the much-awaited school fees for the 2024/2025 academic session. Whether you’re a returning student or a fresh face stepping onto campus for the first time, it’s time to take a peek at what lies ahead financially.

In a recent communique posted on the school’s official website, the Sokoto State University management spilled the beans on the tuition fees for the upcoming academic session. The message is crystal clear: students, new and old alike, need to get their financial ducks in a row before the commencement of classes.

The Numbers Game

So, how much dough are we talking about here? Brace yourselves! Returning students will need to fork out a sum of N65,000, while freshers (new students) are looking at a slightly higher bill of N115,750. It’s essential to mark your calendars and ensure that your tuition fees are settled before the resumption date to avoid any last-minute frenzy.

A Peek into the Breakdown

Let’s break it down a bit further, shall we? Here’s a glimpse at the school fees for some faculties:

  • Clinical Science (Medicine and Surgery): N65,000
  • Science: N65,000
  • Engineering: N65,000
  • Social Science: N65,000
  • Pharmacy: N65,000
  • Law: N65,000
  • Nursing: N65,000
  • Business Administration: N65,000

Please note that these figures apply to full-time undergraduate students. If you’re eyeing part-time studies, postgraduate programs, or entering via direct entry, be sure to hop onto the school’s website for a detailed breakdown tailored to your situation.


As the curtain rises on another academic adventure at Sokoto State University, it’s time to get a handle on your finances. With the school fees for the 2024/2025 academic session now out in the open, students need to plan ahead and ensure a smooth sailing semester. Remember, knowledge is power, but financial preparedness is the key to unlocking the doors of opportunity.

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1. Can I pay my tuition fees in installments?

Unfortunately, the school’s policy doesn’t allow for installment payments. Tuition fees must be settled in full before the resumption date.

2. Are there any scholarship opportunities available?

Yes, Sokoto State University offers various scholarship schemes based on academic merit, financial need, and other criteria. Keep an eye on the school’s official announcements for updates on available scholarships.

3. What happens if I fail to pay my tuition fees on time?

Failure to pay tuition fees by the stipulated deadline may result in penalties, such as late fees or being barred from attending classes or accessing academic resources. It’s crucial to adhere to the payment deadlines to avoid any inconvenience

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