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List of Courses Offered in Veritas University | NUC Approved



Are you considering your higher education options in Nigeria? Look no further than Veritas University, Abuja, where a diverse range of accredited courses awaits eager minds. Accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Veritas University stands as a beacon of quality education, committed to nurturing students’ knowledge and skills for success in their chosen fields.

Discovering the Course Offerings:

Veritas University caters to a wide spectrum of interests and career aspirations through its array of faculties and departments. Here’s a glimpse into the courses available:

Natural and Applied Sciences:

Dive into the realms of applied chemistry, biological sciences, biochemistry, computer and information technology, and physics.


Explore the frontiers of electronic engineering and computer engineering to pave the way for technological advancements.

Management Sciences:

Develop business acumen with courses in accounting, banking and finance, business administration, entrepreneurship, and public administration.


Embark on a journey of literary exploration with English and literary studies, delve into the past with history and international relations, contemplate philosophical questions, or study religion and intercultural studies.

Social Sciences:

Analyze economic trends, communicate effectively through mass communication, engage in political discourse, and explore societal structures through courses in economics, mass communication, and political science.


Shape the future by pursuing education in arts and social science, educational foundation, or science education.

Quality Education, International Standards:

At Veritas University, education isn’t just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about empowering students to excel in their chosen professions. With a commitment to international standards, the university ensures that its courses are aligned with global benchmarks, providing students with a competitive edge in the ever-evolving job market.

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Veritas University, Abuja, stands as a testament to quality education in Nigeria, offering a plethora of courses designed to meet the diverse needs of students. Whether you aspire to be a scientist, engineer, business leader, or educator, Veritas University provides the platform to realize your dreams and carve a path towards a fulfilling career.


1.Is Veritas University accredited?

Yes, Veritas University is accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC), ensuring that its courses meet the required standards for quality education.

2.What sets Veritas University apart from other institutions?

Veritas University distinguishes itself through its commitment to providing quality education that aligns with international standards, preparing students for success in their chosen professions.

3.How can I apply for admission to Veritas University?

Prospective students can apply for admission to Veritas University by following the guidelines provided on the university’s official website or contacting the admissions office for assistance.

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