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List of Courses Offered in University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) | NUC Approved



Are you considering furthering your education in Nigeria? Look no further than the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), a reputable institution approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC) offering a plethora of accredited courses across various faculties. Whether you’re passionate about agriculture, arts, medicine, engineering, or any other field, UNILORIN has something for everyone.

Let’s delve into the diverse range of courses offered at UNILORIN across its faculties:

  1. Faculty of Agriculture: From Agriculture and Home Economics to Forestry and Wildlife Management, this faculty caters to those interested in the agricultural sector.
  2. Faculty of Arts: Are you inclined towards languages, literature, or performing arts? UNILORIN’s Faculty of Arts offers programs in Arabic Studies, English Language, Linguistics, Mass Communication, and more.
  3. Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences: For aspiring healthcare professionals, programs in Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, and Nursing/Nursing Science are available.
  4. Faculty of Business Science: Business-minded individuals can pursue degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, and Marketing.
  5. Faculty of Clinical Sciences: Aspiring doctors can embark on their journey with programs in Medicine and Surgery.
  6. Faculty of Education: Education enthusiasts have a wide array of options ranging from Adult Education to Educational Management and Technology Education.
  7. Faculty of Engineering: Those interested in engineering can choose from programs like Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Water Resources and Environmental Engineering.
  8. Faculty of Environmental Science: Architecture, Quantity Surveying, and Urban and Regional Planning are among the offerings in this faculty.
  9. Faculty of Law: Whether you’re interested in Common Law or Islamic Law, UNILORIN’s Faculty of Law has you covered.
  10. Faculty of Pharmacy: Pharmacy enthusiasts can pursue their passion through the Pharmacy program.
  11. Faculty of Science: From Biology to Statistics, this faculty offers a wide range of science-related programs.
  12. Faculty of Social Science: Interested in Economics, Political Science, or Sociology? UNILORIN’s Faculty of Social Science has programs tailored to your interests.
  13. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine: Aspiring veterinarians can pursue their dreams through the Veterinary Medicine program.
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UNILORIN prides itself on providing quality education aligned with international standards. With experienced and qualified lecturers dedicated to imparting knowledge, students can expect a rewarding learning experience.


UNILORIN’s NUC-approved courses offer students a diverse array of options to choose from, ensuring they find a program that aligns with their passions and career aspirations. Whether you’re interested in traditional fields like medicine and law or emerging sectors like biotechnology and information technology, UNILORIN has the resources and expertise to support your academic journey.


1. Is UNILORIN accredited by the NUC?

Yes, UNILORIN is approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC) to offer a wide range of accredited courses.

2. What makes UNILORIN stand out among other universities?

UNILORIN stands out for its commitment to providing quality education, experienced faculty, and diverse course offerings catering to various interests and career paths.

3. How can I apply to UNILORIN?

Prospective students can apply to UNILORIN by following the admission guidelines available on the university’s official website or contacting the admissions office for assistance.

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