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List of Courses Offered in Enugu State University of Medical and Applied Sciences (SUMAS) | NUC Approved



Are you eager to embark on a journey of knowledge and skill acquisition? Look no further than the Enugu State University of Medical and Applied Sciences (SUMAS). Accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC), SUMAS offers a diverse range of courses tailored to meet the needs of aspiring professionals. Whether you’re passionate about the sciences or aspire to delve into the world of medicine, SUMAS has something for everyone.

Let’s take a closer look at the array of courses offered across various faculties:

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences:

  • Anatomy
  • Medical Biochemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Physiology

Faculty of Clinical Sciences:

  • Medicine and Surgery

Faculty of Pharmacy:

  • Pharmacy

Faculty of Science:

  • Botany and Ecological Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Microbiology
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Zoology

At SUMAS, excellence is not just a goal, but a commitment. The university prioritizes quality education, ensuring that its courses align with international standards. With a dedication to nurturing talent and fostering academic growth, SUMAS stands as a premier choice for students seeking higher education.


The Enugu State University of Medical and Applied Sciences (SUMAS) offers a gateway to success through its diverse range of accredited courses. With a commitment to quality education and international standards, SUMAS equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their chosen fields. Explore your potential at SUMAS and unlock a world of opportunities.


1. What makes SUMAS stand out among other universities?

SUMAS is accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and is renowned for its commitment to providing quality education that meets international standards. With a focus on excellence, SUMAS ensures that students receive the best possible learning experience.

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2. How can I apply for admission to SUMAS?

To apply for admission to SUMAS, prospective students can visit the university’s official website or contact the admissions office for guidance on the application process, requirements, and deadlines.

3. Are there any scholarships available for students at SUMAS?

Yes, SUMAS offers various scholarships and financial aid opportunities to eligible students. These scholarships may be based on academic merit, financial need, or other criteria. Prospective students are encouraged to inquire about scholarship opportunities during the admission process

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